My Services

Please get in contact with me to receive a fixed price. Your request is, of course, free of charge and all your data will be handled confidentially.

An old document in Kurrent script is lying on a wooden desk, next to a noteblock and a laptop. The document's title reads "Im Namen des Königs".

Pricing guidelines

Transliteration (deciphering) of texts in Sütterlin or Kurrent script into modern script plus a summary in modern English:
For short texts, I usually take 0.18 € per word, 8 € minimum per order. Transliteration (deciphering) only, without summary in English: 0.12€
For longer documents or several similar texts I set an individual price per page (typically between 7 € and 12 €), depending on legibility, length, and the type of text. Please ask me!

If you have more than just a few documents, I can have a look at them first, screen them for information you’re interested in, and then only transliterate and/or summarize those parts.
Screening: from 5.00 € (depending on the kind and amount of documents)