Please get in contact with me to receive a fixed price for the transcription and translation of your documents. Your request is, of course, free of charge and all your data will be handled confidentially.

Pricing guidelines

Transcription of texts in Sütterlin or Kurrent script into modern script plus translation into modern English:
For short texts, I usually take 0.18 € per word, 10 € minimum per order. German transcription only, without English translation: 0.12 €
For longer documents or several similar texts I set an individual price per page (typically between 10 € and 15 €), depending on legibility, length, and the type of text. Please ask me!

If you have more than just a few documents, I can have a look at them first, screen them for information you’re interested in, and then only transcribe and translate – or summarize – those parts.
Screening: from 2.00 € per page (depending on the kind of documents and their legibility)

Your translation

Unless we have agreed otherwise, I will send you your transcription or translation by email, in the form of a pdf and a Word file. Whenever possible, I will use the same line breaks as in the original document. Words that I am unsure about will be marked with [?] – but don’t worry, there are usually very few such words.

If I notice anything worth mentioning, for example a place that has a different name today, I will point it out to you in a footnote.

On bigger assignments (e.g. a diary or a collection of letters) I like to work with LaTeX. Advantages are that the layout is prettier – it can be easily configured in a way that allows you to print the file and bind it as a book, with a table of contents and everything – and, without too much effort, I can add a name index to the file. Especially for diaries, a name index will be very helpful. However, a downside is that you will only receive a pdf from me as a result, and won’t be able to change the contents by yourself (unless you happen to have experience with LaTeX). So I will leave this decision to you.